Belt Trailer

A belt trailer can carry a variety of products from bulk commodities to construction debris, asphalt and even waste products.  Compared to other trailers that haul similar materials, the belt trailers unload times are lighting fast and can usually be done while the driver remains in the cab.  For weight purposes, most belt trailers are made from aluminum however for some applications steel and stainless steel bodies are available.

Charter Trucks is here to make the process simple, proficient, and honest. As much as we want to sell you great equipment, we also want to educate and inform your decision so that you can truly find a truck or trailer that matches your needs and eliminate the risks that come with buying something used. We do this by providing detailed pictures and videos of each truck. Before you even buy any piece of equipment, we encourage you to drive it, load it, and even take it to a third party for inspection.

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