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Why choose Charter for two axle dump trucks?

  • Get a comprehensive report from a third party inspector
  • Know everything about a truck before making a decision
  • Get your two axle truck delivered anywhere in the lower 48 states
  • Buying online? Book a virtual tour for any equipment we sell
  • Simple, hassle-free financing makes affording a truck easy
  • Avoid getting a lemon at an auction or through the classifieds
We believe it’s important for you to get the best 2 axle dump truck for your needs. Our team is here to point you in the right direction!

Customers say it better than we can

  • “My experience with Charter Truck sales was excellent.  My salesman Steve Young was very accommodating, as well as making sure the truck met my needs. They even went as far as to hold the truck for a day until I could fly out to look at it.”
    – Jeremy
  • “Want to thank you guys again, the crew is happy with the truck, in fact they are already asking for another one. You will be the first to get the call.”
    – Billy Q
  • “Want to thank you guys again, the crew is happy with the truck, in fact they are already asking for another one. You will be the first to get the call.”
    – Charlie

Current inventory: two-axle dump trucks for sale

At Charter, our inventory is in constant flux. One day, we might not have what you need; the next day, we might have exactly the truck you’re looking for.

Browse our current options, and sign up for alerts so you can find out when the right two-axle dump becomes available!

What are 2-axle dump trucks?

If you’re looking for a truck that features an open bed or tub and is used for transporting dirt, rocks, landscape materials, and other bulk products, a two-axle dump truck should fit the bill. 

The advantages of a two axle dump truck are quite simple. Two axle dump trucks are used for smaller jobs that allow you to get into spaces a large three axle truck cannot. The disadvantages are obvious as well. A two-axle truck is not going to hold as much as the larger three-axle dump trucks.

At Charter Trucks we offer four different truck packages

For your next truck, you get to choose between Platinum, Gold, Silver, and As-Is. Different truck packages correspond to the different levels of conditioning and service we can provide for each truck.

For two-axle models, we also stock reliable, classic brands such as Freightliner, Peterbilt, International, and Navistar.

It’s easy to minimize your risk when buying your next dump truck

When you buy from us, you avoid many of the risks inherent to buying a used piece of equipment. Our team goes out of our way to give you all the information you need, including video and detailed pictures upon request. For out-of-town buyers, we also provide live virtual truck tours!

Local customers are encouraged to drive and load the vehicle before purchase and even take it to a third party for inspection. Our heavy-duty trucks are priced accordingly and are always vetted properly before we offer them to our customers.

Charter Trucks has been in the business for over 60 years

Here, you’ll find a team dedicated to helping you find the best type of dump truck for your job at a fair price based on the market and the condition of the vehicle. We offer financing options to accommodate your budget, and most of the dump trucks in our listings include a warranty

 If you have questions or would like to learn more about our warranty options, feel free to contact us at (707) 610-1746. Take a look at our current 2 axle dump truck listings and call us to learn more about our inventory!

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