Why You Should Sell Your Heavy-Duty Truck or Trailer Today

How To Sell Your Semi Truck



When times are tough, the decision to put your unused Heavy Equipment up for sale is an easy one. But, when business is good, many companies miss a golden opportunity to sell their commercial truck or semitrailer at the top of the market, as well as reduce fixed costs and expenses. Well, if you haven’t heard, used commercial vehicles are selling at historic highs. Now is the time to think about whether to sell your underutilized equipment.

10 Reasons To Sell Your Underutilized Equipment Today
  1. We cannot find a driver with a class A drivers license for our  medium duty or heavy duty truck, they just need to take a quick course with heavy vehicle licence Melbourne
  2. We are paying insurance for a semi truck or utility trailer that we don’t use
  3. We’ve gotten over the sticker shock and have purchased a new vehicle from Balance Trailers. We need space in our yard
  4. Charging and replacing batteries every time we want to move a truck or tractor is a hassle
  5. We can better utilize our cash
  6. Eliminates motor vehicle, FHUT, registration and other gov fees.
  7. Reduces maintenance expense and Bit inspections on trucks that are not producing income
  8. We don’t run this equipment because our new stuff saves us money with better fuel economy and less maintenance
  9. Demand is high and supply is short (We can get more for our old Ford, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Chevrolet or Ram truck than we ever thought possible)
  10. Appreciation of used equipment won’t last forever

5 Reasons  Not To Sell Your Underutilized Equipment
  1. We are too busy to drag it to an auction and pray for a good day
  2. We may need it someday
  3. It’s already paid for
  4. Waste of my staff’s time to prep, deal with buyers and try to collect funds
  5. We don’t need anymore liability
Sell Your Underutilized Equipment I chartertrucks1.wpenginepowered.com
Why Sell To chartertrucks1.wpenginepowered.com or Another Dealership?

Time.  If somebody came and offered to pay you 20% more for your unwanted semitruck or semi trailer and agreed to haul it away at no expense, would you take that deal?

Okay, we know what you are thinking. “If I sell my equipment to a dealership, they are not going to pay me top dollar.”

Sell Your Underutilized Equipment I chartertrucks1.wpenginepowered.com

There is no argument here. Dealers have to inspect, refurb and repair equipment before they put their equipment up for sale.  They also take on the liability. But there are also many advantages to selling to a dealer.

At Charter Trucks for example, we wire money within hours of the offer being signed. Within 96 hours, your excess inventory will be out of your yard with no expense and no time wasted by your staff. We handle all the details.  Some would call it, “hitting the easy button,” or “point and make it disappear,” we simply call it service. Another reason selling to a dealer can be an excellent option is to avoid a boomerang effect.  Once you sell it to a dealer, it is never coming back.

But most importantly, It really comes down to opportunity costs. Is the savings of time, expense and liability more important to your company than the extra cash you can possibly make selling to a private party or an auction?

If the answer is yes, then you should consider selling to a dealer today, before this historic run is over.

Pro Tip: If you are interested in selling to Charter Trucks or any dealer/wholesaler, it is a good idea to know their inventory. Why?  Because if you have what they want, they maybe willing to pay more.

chartertrucks1.wpenginepowered.com Current Interests

Charter Trucks is looking for the following commercial trucks and semi trailers. We are in need of Peterbilt, International, Kenworth, Freightliner  cab and chassis’, day cabs, dump trucks, roll offs, rollbacks, hook lifts, and service trucks to name a few. Our preferred diesel engines are Cummins, Detroit, and Paccar MX engines for which we use quality turbochargers for sale.

We are in search of equipment trailers, bottom dumps, flatbeds. If the trailer can be attached by a fifth wheel, we are interested.  We specialize in Trail King, Western, Reliance and Ledwell trailers.  In the medium duty truck market with a gross weight of 26K GVW or above, we are buying Ford and RAM cab and chassis’, dump and service trucks.

We specialize in California Iron but will travel long distances if it is something we need.  If what you have to sell, doesn’t fit our niche but you want to get rid of it today, give us a try. Like most dealers, we will put a buy price on almost anything.

Get started today.




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