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Where to Find the Best Peterbilt and Kenworth Used Trucks

Where to Find the Best Peterbilt and Kenworth Used Trucks

Here are 5 Reasons Why Coast Counties Peterbilt California Full Maintenance Lease Returns are the Best Choice for Your Next Peterbilt Or Kenworth.

If you are reading this article, you are likely searching for a used Peterbilt or Kenwortrh commercial truck or semi-truck.

We believe that the Coast Counties Peterbilt Paclease full maintenance lease return from California is the most superior used semi-truck you can purchase. Here’s why you should consider a Coast Counties California Full Maintenance Lease Return:

If you are a seasoned Owner Operator, Fleet Manager, or Company owner, you understand that when buying used, if the truck breaks in two, you own both halves.

While warranties are recommended, they can only offer a minimal level of comfort that you made the right choice about purchasing used. Warranties don’t ensure that the semi-truck you purchased is going to be reliable and make you money.

Buying used has many advantages, including:

  • Being able to go to work today
  • Substantial initial cost savings
  • Saving on taxes and fees.

The ability to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your used truck(s) makes the risk worth the reward.

Here are our 5 reasons why you should consider a PacLease Full Maintenance Lease truck from Coast Counties Peterbilt for your next used semi-truck purchase.

1. Maintenance and Repairs by OEM Factory Mechanics:
  • Full Maintenance lease returns have been serviced and repaired by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) factory mechanics from day one.
  • OEM mechanics for Peterbilt and Kenworths are specifically trained by Peterbilt/Kenworth, the manufacturer of the truck, ensuring in-depth knowledge of design, engineering, and recommended maintenance practices.
  • Genuine PACCAR parts are used, designed and manufactured to meet the exact specifications of the truck model.
  • Access to specialized diagnostic tools designed for Peterbilt or Kenworth trucks allows for accurate issue identification and efficient resolutions.
  • Rigorous training and certification processes ensure proficiency in handling specific brands and models, instilling confidence that your trucks will remain on the road, not in the shop.
2. Comprehensive 90-Day Inspection and Preventive Services:
  • All Coast Counties PacLease Full Maintenance Lease returns from California are required to undergo a thorough 90-day inspection throughout the life of the lease, ensuring necessary repairs are made.
  • Preventive maintenance services, as recommended by the manufacturer and done by an OEM certified mechanic, which helps contribute to the long-term durability of your Peterbilt or Kenworth truck whether it is a delivery truck, heavy haul, day cab, sleeper or vocational truck.

3. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance:
  • A regular cleaning and maintenance routine that is provided with a full maintenance lease contributes to the overall condition and aesthetics of the trucks.
4. Coast Counties Use Factory-Trained Mobile Mechanics:
  • The use of factory-trained mobile mechanics ensures that the original owner complies with rigorous Full Maintenance Lease requirements, providing buyers with a sense of security and support.
5. California – A Controlled Operating Environment:
  • California commercial trucks run on thousands of miles of paved roads, limiting wear and tear compared to off-road conditions.
  • Strict weight limits, reducing stress on the powertrain and suspension, help extend the life of critical components.
  • California trucks operate in a moderate climate, reducing the risk of rust and corrosion.
  • Required 90-day BIT inspections reinforce the commitment to safety and compliance with regulations.

While there are no guarantees with used trucks of any kind, the California Coast Counties PacLease Return semi-trucks present an opportunity for buyers to purchase well-maintained, and road-worthy vehicles.

If you are in the market for a used semi-truck, compare the Coast Counties Full Maintenance lease with the competition, and we believe you will choose a Coast Counties Lease Return.

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