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Lots of dealers sell used T800s. Why go with Charter?

  • Every truck comes with a report from a 3rd party inspector
  • Buy with the confidence that you know everything about the truck
  • Ask questions and get to know your truck with a virtual truck tour
  • Delivery? You betcha. We’ll deliver your truck anywhere in the lower 48
  • Get financing fast with agreeable terms and minimal effort
  • Avoid risky picks at auction and get a truck you won’t regret
Zero regrets. That’s how we want you to feel when you buy a truck from us. At Charter, we do everything we can to ensure you’re getting the perfect truck for your needs — and a fair price.

Customers say it better than we can

  • “My experience with Charter Truck sales was excellent.  My salesman Steve Young was very accommodating, as well as making sure the truck met my needs. They even went as far as to hold the truck for a day until I could fly out to look at it.”
    – Jeremy
  • “Want to thank you guys again, the crew is happy with the truck, in fact they are already asking for another one. You will be the first to get the call.”
    – Billy Q
  • “Want to thank you guys again, the crew is happy with the truck, in fact they are already asking for another one. You will be the first to get the call.”
    – Charlie

Kenworth T800 Trucks For Sale

Wondering whether we have a Model T800 in stock today? The best way to find out is to browse our inventory online!

We update our online listings with new trucks as soon as they’re inspected and ready for the buying public. Our inventory is in constant flux, but we almost always stock a variety of popular models like the T800.

Used Kenworth T800
Truck in California

If you’re able to visit our Cloverdale, California location, we invite you to get to know your next truck! Drive the truck, load it, and even take it to an additional inspector if you choose.

At Charter, we’re extremely accommodating to local buyers and want you to feel absolutely confident you’re getting the right truck.

Everything You Need To Know About the Kenworth T800

Kenworth began selling the Model T800 back in 1987. Today, they refer to it as the Ultimate Workhorse and for good reason.

While the Kenworth T800 is often used for basic delivery, it has earned a reputation as a rugged truck in the construction field. The Kenworth T800 chassis is a favorite for dump trucks, logging, fuel trucks, vacuum trucks, heavy hauls, and about every other body you can imagine. The tougher the application, the better.

Why we like the Kenworth T800

  • Great visibility
  • Tough & rugged
  • Good site lines
  • Designed for hydraulic attachments
  • Tight turning radius
  • Ergonomic cockpit

The Model T800 uniquely versatile

The Kenworth T800 appeals to both old school and new school drivers. A true classic, this truck still retains its rugged good looks, which appeals to those who want their truck to look like a truck. At the same time, The Model T800 is a joy to drive with its excellent site lines, maneuverability, and modern comforts.

Who The Kenworth T800 is best for

Heavy Hauling
Long Range Heavy Hauls
With excellent ground clearance, the ability to easily attach PTO units for a variety of applications, as well as the T800 handling, the Kenworth T800 thrives in construction and heavy hauling applications.

Alert me when a used Kenworth T800 that meets my specs arrives:

Kenworth T800 Key Specifications

Kenworth T800 Common Powertrains:

  • CAT
  • Cummins

Kenworth T800 Common Transmissions:

  • 10 Speeds
  • 12 Speeds
  • 13 Speeds
  • 18 Speeds
  • Automatics
2016 Kenworth T800 Single Axle For Sale With Full Lockers

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