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Why choose Charter for your next
used heavy haul truck?

  • Our trucks are fully inspected by an independent third party
  • Make your purchase with all the information about the truck
  • Charter delivers to any location in the continental US
  • Virtual truck tours available for online and out-of-town buyers
  • Affording a truck is easy with our hassle-free financing
  • Keep risks to a minimum by avoiding auctions and Craigslist ads
The Charter team works hard to make sure you get a reliable heavy haul truck and that you’re confident in your purchase.

Customers say it better than we can

  • “My experience with Charter Truck sales was excellent.  My salesman Steve Young was very accommodating, as well as making sure the truck met my needs. They even went as far as to hold the truck for a day until I could fly out to look at it.”
    – Jeremy
  • “Want to thank you guys again, the crew is happy with the truck, in fact they are already asking for another one. You will be the first to get the call.”
    – Billy Q
  • “Want to thank you guys again, the crew is happy with the truck, in fact they are already asking for another one. You will be the first to get the call.”
    – Charlie

4 Axle Heavy Haul Trucks For Sale

If you’re looking for a 4 axle heavy haul truck, we might have exactly the truck you’re looking for in our inventory.

At Charter, our selection is always changing. But even if we don’t have the 4 axle model you’re after, you can sign up for alerts to find out when we get one in!

Heavy Haul Trucks For Sale in California

Local buyers are always welcome at Charter! If you’re able to visit our Cloverdale, California location, we encourage you to test drive our heavy haulers, load them, and even take them to your own technician for a supplementary inspection.

Come check out our used heavy haul trucks for sale! Our team will collaborate with you to find the best option.

Heavy haul semi trucks for sale

If you’re looking for a semi for heavy haul or heavy duty loads, we’ve got you covered!

At Charter, we stock both used heavy haul trucks for sale and used semi trucks for sale.

You need a heavy haul truck that’s up for the task

In order to move large equipment or extremely heavy items, you need a very specific kind of truck. At Charter Trucks, we sell all brands and types of over-the-road heavy hauls used for moving equipment.

From afar, these trucks can look like an ordinary heavy duty truck. But the suspensions, frames, steering boxes, tires, and horsepower are quite different. Heavy hauls usually sit taller on the road and have safety features, such as yellow hazard lights, to let other drivers know what they are carrying is out of the ordinary.

Trucks, in general, are not nimble; however, heavy haul trucks pulling a load will stop more like a train than a car, so safety is of the utmost importance.

Let’s find a heavy haul truck for sale that perfectly fits your heavy-duty truck needs.

We offer four different packages that attest to the condition of a truck: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and As-Is. Choose the one that makes the most sense for you, depending on the condition (and level of reconditioning) you need!

We want to help you make the right choice on a truck that can stay with you for the long haul. Our team is here to educate and inform, and we encourage you to inspect the truck from end to end, take it for a drive, load it, hitch it to a trailer, and even take it to a third party for inspection before you buy.

We know the risks inherent to buying used equipment, and we want to take as much of that risk as possible out of the equation.

Our team knows heavy haulers

Charter Trucks is led by an experienced team with more than 60 years of experience buying and selling heavy equipment and heavy-duty trucks.

We understand that the trucking industry is the cornerstone of the modern market economy, which is why we strive to stock high quality tools for the job. We also offer simple, hassle-free financing options and compelling warranties on most of our trucks.

If you have any questions, please call us at (707) 610-2703. Browse our current listings for used heavy haul trucks, book a virtual truck tour, or come to our California location for a test drive!

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