Update Your Truck to a CARB-Compliant Tractor

Pre Owned CARB Compliant Peterbilt 579’s


Update Your Truck to a CARB-Compliant Tractor-Secure Port Entry & Statewide Emission Certification-

Fuel Efficiency Is A Reason to Upgrade Your Equipment, Starting with a Diesel Engine

CARB Requirements

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) keeps changing the requirements for statewide emission compliance to enter the Port of Los Angeles and other ports around the state with older equipment. An advanced clean truck does not have to be brand new; used equipment like a used truck can meet the California CARB certification standards for years. You can pair your choice of a heavy-duty tractor from Peterbilt or Kenworth, along with a used engine, like a Paccar MX-13. ( See Video review on MX-13 Engine) Besides regulations to enter California ports, watch for regulations from California and other states across the United States on emissions like the ones coming out of the California Air Resources Board. Be on the lookout for regulation on emission standards, idle time, or fuel consumption at the Federal and State levels. You can stay up to date by check with the California Air Resources Board. https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/

CARB Deadline

Maybe, soon as 2023, your vehicle will not pass inspection for California registration. The California DMV is getting stricter for consumer motor vehicles and commercial vehicles of all types, from forklifts to refers. This CARB regulation might stop you from diving in the State of California. Wherever you pick up or deliver, the Environmental Protection Agency may also mandate new regulation for greenhouse gas emissions.

Fuel-Efficiency Is A Reason to Upgrade Your Equipment

A newer engine and Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) tires can be part of your goal to meet the new emission standards for diesel trucks and gain diesel fuel economy. Stay on the road with a newer truck and engine, and with regular diesel truck maintenance, do so confidently for extended periods of time. Update that older truck and non-compliant trucks. Used Honda engines for sale can be easily found on Engine Finder. Keep ahead of regulation to stay on the highways. Also take note not to put petrol in diesel car to prevent any accidents. If diesel fuel is needed, contact professional diesel fuel delivery services.

Large and small fleets of heavy-duty tractors will need to meet CARB certification to get a motor vehicle registration from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV).

Secure Port Entry & Statewide Emission Certification

Consider looking into the EPA Smartway program to help carriers and others in the supply chain prove sustainability and critical factors, such as diesel fuel efficiency. EPA Smartway provides software, tools, data, and standards — at no cost — for measuring, benchmarking, and improving environmental performance.

Here are some steps to an advanced clean truck:

Update the tractors in your fleet:

  • Update the diesel engine for CARB compliance
  • That newer technology engine will save on diesel fuel
  • Reduce air pollution, like NOx Emissions
  • Install low rolling resistance tires (LRR Tires)


Whatever your tractor trailer or engine needs to meet emissions standards, Charter Trucks has equipment for every fleet. Whether in Northern or Southern California, we can deliver. No matter what type of trailer or cab or number of axles, Charter Trucks can provide the items you need for the fleet to meet emissions standards.

CARB Compliant Tractor For Sale
Update Your Truck to a CARB-Compliant Tractor

Update Your Truck to a CARB-Compliant Tractor

Talk to us about CARB Compliant tractors for your fleet that save diesel fuel and meet standards for greenhouse gas emissions. https://chartertrucks.com/trucks/





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