Sell your truck now.
No prep time. No auctions.

Why wait to sell? We’ll pay you today.

What if you could sell your truck without auctions or classifieds?

That’s what we help you do.

At Charter, we know how time consuming and costly it can be to sell your commercial truck. For one thing, there’s a lot of downtime — work the truck isn’t doing while you wait for it to sell.

There’s also prep time, transport to auctions, and long waits for payment. And if you’re selling in the classifieds, you also have to deal with sketchballs from Craigslist.

We think you deserve better than all that hassle: No prep time. No waiting for auctions. Reduced downtime.

Why sell with Charter instead of a truck auction?

Charter TrucksTruck Auction
Control over your price
Sell before an auction date
Get paid right away
Avoid prep and transport
We haul your truck away
No dealing with classifieds

Maintain a balanced fleet

When trucks have aged out, they cost money every day they remain in your yard.

At Charter, we offer fast, fair payment for your used trucks. That way you can move the old ones out while freeing up funds — and space — for the new ones.

And you can stop losing even more money by waiting for auctions and waiting on buyers who take their sweet time.

Sell faster and smarter with Charter

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