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2016 Peterbilt 567 Tractor tri axle for sale Peterbilt

2016 Peterbilt Day Cab 4 Axle 567

u11589: 2016 Peterbilt 567 Tri-Drive Tractor –  Ready Soon For more information on how to purchase a unit during Covid-19...
day cab for sale at Freightliner

2014 Freightliner Day Cab 3 Axle Coronado

u11565: 2014 Freightliner CORONADO 3 Axle Tractor – Our clients need trucks that work for them. With that in mind,...

2013 Volvo Day Cab 2 Axle VNL42300

u11568: 2013 Volvo VNL42300 2 Axle Tractor We purchased this 2013 Volvo VNL42300 Tractor with the seasonal end user in...
2011 Peterbilt 384 3 axle day for sale Peterbilt

2011 Peterbilt Day Cab 3 Axle 384

U11531: 2011 Peterbilt 384 3 Axle Day Cab – This 2011 Peterbilt 384 3 Axle Day Cab is a clean...
2011 Peterbilt 384 Tractor Peterbilt

2011 Peterbilt Day Cab 3 Axle 384

u11532: 2011 Peterbilt 384 Tractor – A California truck, this 2011 Peterbilt 384 Tractor is a great example of the...
2011 Peterbilt 384 Tractor Peterbilt

2011 Peterbilt Day Cab 3 Axle 384

u11530: 2011 Peterbilt 384 Tractor – This 2011 Peterbilt 384 Tractor is a clean PacLease return with less than 400,000...
2008 Peterbilt 384 Tractor Peterbilt

2008 Peterbilt Day Cab 2 Axle 384

u11463: 2008 Peterbilt 384 2 Axle Day Cab This 2008 Peterbilt 384 Tractor is a California rust free lease return....

Used mainly for shorter hauls, day cab trucks are lighter weight and designed to return home every night. Day cab trucks feature shorter wheelbases than larger sleeper trucks, making them much more efficient, easier to maneuver, and able to carry heavier loads. Day cabs also have a rear window as they tend to hook and unhook more frequently.

At Charter Trucks, we can help you find a day cab truck that perfectly fits your needs. We offer two classes of reconditioning: Work Ready and Value trucks.

We want to help you make the right choice. We’re here to educate and inform, and we encourage you to inspect the truck end to end, take it for a drive, load it, and even take it to a third party for inspection before you buy. We know the risks in buying something used, and we want to take as much of that risk out as possible, leaving you only with complete satisfaction.

Charter Trucks is led by an experienced team with more than 60 years of experience buying and selling used trucks. We understand that the trucking industry is the backbone of the country’s modern market economy, and we know that supporting that industry means having the right tools. We offer financing options and warranties on most of our trucks. If you have any questions, please call us at (707) 669-6202. Browse our current listings for day cab trucks and contact us if you’re interested in seeing one in person.