Double Bottom Dump Trailer

Double bottom dump trailers comprise two trailers hooked together. The trailers feature funnel-shaped floors, allowing you to unload your haul through their undersides. While this can limit the variety of materials you can haul and unload, double bottom dump trailers allow you to lay out materials in a linear path. Semi-bottom dump trailers are also quick and maneuverable in both forward and reverse.

If you’re looking for pre-owned double bottom dump trailers to fit your budget and personal needs, you’ve come to the right place. At Charter Trucks, we take great care to thoroughly inspect, repair, and recondition all of the used trucks and trailers in our inventory so that they are in perfect working order.

To quell any fears and eliminate the risks that come with buying used equipment, we want to provide as much information and knowledge as possible to make sure you make the an informed decision that benefits you and your business. We provide detailed pictures and videos of each truck and trailer, and we encourage potential buyers to drive, load, and even bring the trailer to a third party for inspection before purchase.

Charter Trucks is supported by an experienced team dedicated to building positive relationships and ensuring your satisfaction. If you have any questions about our operations or possible financing options, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (707) 669-6202. Check out our current listings for double bottom dump trailers and contact us if you find one that matches your needs.