Guess what?
Selling a truck isn’t so hard anymore

Get a fair price, zero hassles, and none of the auction rigamarole

What if you knew how much your truck would sell for?

You’d be in a pretty great position!

For one thing, you wouldn’t have to speculate about how much the truck might sell for at auction. You could know what the price would be and plan accordingly.

You could also avoid the hassle — and the costs — of auction prep and transport, truck downtime, and tedious back-and-forth with tire kickers from Craigslist.

Knowing your price, knowing you’ll get paid right away, and knowing you can pay off those residuals on time is extremely valuable. At Charter, we give you all of those assurances.

Why sell with Charter instead of a truck auction?

Charter TrucksTruck Auction
Control over your price
Sell before an auction date
Get paid right away
Avoid prep and transport
We haul your truck away
No dealing with classifieds

Less downtime = better financials

When you’re selling a truck, auctions cost you money.

There’s the time you have to wait until the auction date. Then there’s the preparation process and the transport. Then there’s the final price, which might be lower than you intended. And let’s not forget the time spent waiting for your buyer to complete payment.

Throughout all of that, you were losing money on an out-of-service truck.

With Charter, you avoid all of that downtime and hassle. You move the truck from your fleet quickly and get paid right away.

Sell faster and smarter with Charter

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