When Purchasing A Used Truck

We often promote the sale of California Used Trucks. Some might think it is a sales gimmick like the “Happy Cows” or singing California raisins, but we believe there truly is a difference. We dedicated an entire post to Why Drive California Trucks, and what to look for when buying a used truck.  While weather is important, we contend in the post that another factor is that California Truck owners are fanatical about their equipment. We all know that California is an extremely image conscious state as well as an expensive place to live. If that wasn’t enough, California fleet trucks are required to have an inspection every 90 days. Californian’s take care of their trucks and do routine maintenance regularly to save money and avoid costly needless repairs on their vehicle down the road.  They also position themselves for a higher resale value on their pre-owned vehicle.

Comparing Photos Of Two Used Truck Frames

Like a Canary in a coal mine, we believe a rusty frame may be a warning sign that wiring and engine components may be in the same condition. This is not always the case but further inspection should be warranted upon test driving the truck. Below are two photos. The one on the left is a freshly painted frame from a 2006 truck from the East, and the photo on the right is from a 2007 California dump truck in our yard. The paint is original.  At first glance, these heavy-duty trucks may not look a heck of a lot different.  But look closely enough and you can see that frame paint on the left is already bubbling from corrosion underneath. Our question: What is important to you when purchasing a used truck from a dealer or private seller?

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