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5 Reasons To Consider Buying a Pre-Owned Peterbilt 579

When you visit our site, you will notice a nice selection of Peterbilt 579’s, this is no accident. We sell a lot of them.  Don’t get us wrong, in this class we like the Freightliner Cascadia as well as the Kenworth T800 but the Peterbilt Model 579 makes our customers happy. In truck sales what makes our customers happy, makes us happy.

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Here are five reasons you should consider purchasing a pre-owned Peterbilt 579.

Reason #1- Styling

2016 Peterbilt 579 2 Axle Day Cab For Sale I chartertrucks1.wpenginepowered.com

Whether your specs call for a day cab or sleeper truck, The Peterbilt 579 is attractive an alternative to many of the slippery trucks on the market (for those not familiar with the term, slippery is the name given to describe semis with little drag). While trucks have gone all in on aerodynamics, styling in the truck world has suffered. You can’t tell one new model from the next. But that is not the case for the Peterbilt Model 579. If you are thinking on getting that used truck, read here about the mobile locksmith Paddington service. A locksmith who offers car lockout services can help car and truck owners who will get locked out of their vehicles.

While the Peterbilt 579 won’t turn heads like its big brother, the Peterbilt 389 or its cool cousin the Kenworth W900, the Model 579 is something you can take pride in driving. And if you want to add some flair to your Pete 579, there are plenty of aftermarket visors, pipes, and custom chrome bumper to choose from. When using one of this units for logistics and lifting materials, see here this synthetic rigging slings that will secure your load.

Reason #2 – Sleeper Options

2016 Peterbilt 579 2 Axle Day Cab With Low Miles Cummins ISX MotorFreight Viking rates the 70″ Peterbilt Ultraloft sleeper as one of, if not the best sleepers on the market today. All the Peterbilt 579 sleepers offer plenty of head room, lots of storage space and excellent climate control systems. Sleeper sizes range from 44 to 80 inches in length.

Reason #3 – Fleets Love Them

Before large fleets purchase or lease hundreds or even thousands of trucks, they do their homework. If you visit major transportation hubs like Fontana, Kansas City, or Cincinnati, you will see plenty of Peterbilt 579s roaming the highways. Why do fleets love them?

  • Fleets like the fact that the Peterbilt 579 delivers both horsepower as well as fuel economy. Unlike many trucks on the market today, the well positioned fairings are attractive and functional.
  • The Peterbilt 579 has a reliable powertrain, giving fleet managers one less thing to worry about.
  • Keeping drivers happy and behind the steering wheel is imperative for the success of a fleet. The Peterbilt Model 579 helps retain drivers.
Reason #4- Value

In the pre-owned marketplace, the Peterbilt 579 trucks hold their value.  Why? Quality of course. These truck were made for the long haul. I know, horrible pun but I couldn’t resist.

Engines – Both the Paccar MX-13 and the Cummins ISX15 make fuel efficiency and longevity a high priority. Yes, the Paccar and Cummins ISX had reliability issues when the enhanced clean air standards were enacted. Many of the problems that plagued these emission engines have been correct. Today, both the Paccar MX and the Cummins ISX are having successful B-lives, well over 1,000,000 miles. With that said, we always recommend you get a warranty when purchasing a used semi-truck.

Cab – One of the things you notice when you step into a five year old  579 compared to other heavy duty trucks is the cab.  The door handles still work properly, the interior has held up well and the dashboard is void of the creaks and rattles.  When driving what you don’t notice is noise. Open the window and you will be impressed by how quiet the cab remains. Truck drivers understand a used truck is not perfect but the Peterbilt 579 cab gives them the feeling that they are upgrading, not settling.

Reason #5 – Drivability

Ultimately you purchase a used semi truck to drive and make money. The Pete 579 does well on both counts. On the highway the Model 579 has the ability to chew up miles and is a pleasure to operate. Getting in and out tight spaces is done with ease.

Finally, the safety features the Model 579 offers gives drivers confidence that they will arrive home safely each night.

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