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Often times when Charter Trucks receives new inventory, we give a shout out on Facebook and our other social media sources. What you may not know is that Charter specializes in California product  for the construction industry as well as unique pre-owned heavy equipment that is sold all over the United States. We sell sight unseen and send product all over the United States as well as South America. Last year alone we delivered product to 36 different states. Whether a client needs us to facilitate a move or whether they have their own transportation we make it easy to transport product from coast to coast and beyond. This year we will give you insight into our product and where it will be working next.

Below is Charter’s tag line that you will find on most of our inventory at Chartertrucks.com. 

Sight Unseen

If you can’t make it up to Cloverdale, no worries, Charter’s sales staff is experienced at Sight Unseen sales and would be happy to help. Warranties and delivery are available on most product. If you don’t like using the phone, just request more information via email and we are happy to communicate by email or text.

California Iron

Charter Trucks specializes in product from California. 

Need more?

Charter invites you to ask for a complete walk around and additional photos. If that is not enough, you may also arrange for a third party inspection.


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