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Hook Lift trucks have been popular along the East Coast for some time and are becoming more popular out west. The Hook Lift system has a great upside for the small business and large business alike. Why?  Because hook lift systems are both versatile and cost-effective truck equipment. Here is a quick 3 step overview on the hook lift system.

Step 1: We have provided you with a link to a detailed overview of hook lifts: Hook Lift information

The advantages of a hook lift system: (from Wikipedia)

The flexibility offered by the hydraulic hooklift hoist system:

  • According to this Source educed licensing fees through reduced fleet size as well as
  • Ground level loading and unloading
  • Exact positioning (dropping off) of containers
  • Ability to get in and out of tight spaces
  • Quick exchange of hook lift containers: system allows container to be lift/dropped rapidly
  • Ability to engage a heavy-duty container up to 30° off center when picking up
  • No cables to hook up, unhook or that could potentially break
  • Complete in-cab operation

The disadvantages of a hook lift system: (from Wikipedia)

The main disadvantages of the system are revealed when on uneven ground:

  • If hook height grade reach is small, it can be difficult to set down or pick up container as well as
  • Load handling stability, particularly while dumping, can be compromised at maximum dump angle. This is particularly the case in single lift/dump cylinder configurations
  • Container lengths are fairly iInflexible, as hooklift hoists are designed to carry bodies within 3 to 5 ft (914 to 1,524 mm) of the shortest recommended dump body.

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Step 2: Training Video – Do and Don’ts

Step 3: Videos

Adjustable Jib: SwapLoader Adjustable jib 36” to 54”

Hook lift attachments

Hook Lift Manufactures links (parts and service information)

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