Hook Lift

The Hook Lift system has a great upside for small and large business alike. Why? Because hook lift systems are both versatile and cost effective. A hook lift system is a hoist attached to medium duty or heavy duty truck that allows the truck to pick up and exchange different bodies such as: debris boxes, flat beds, water tanks, ice removal, and many other custom container bodies. For the small company that may not be able to afford or doesn’t have the full time need for a flatbed truck, a dump truck, or equipment mover the Hook Lift system enables them have all of those for the fraction of the cost. For the larger company the Hook Lift system allows them to keep their trucks moving, allowing them to drop and go, so they are using their time efficiently not having to wait to load and unload.

Hook lift systems have other advantages as they are able to move in and out of tight spaces, you can drop them in exact positions and loading and unloading can be done without ever leaving the cab of the truck. Lifting capacity is also an advantage for a truck that is built to hoist containers. Hook lifts are not without their disadvantages. If your business requires you to constantly load and unload containers on grades, a hook lift system may not be your best option. For most companies however, a hook lift truck can be profitable and a trusted business acquisition.

At Charter Trucks, we can help you find a hook lift truck that perfectly fits your needs. We offer two classes of reconditioning: Work Ready and Value trucks.

We want to help you make the right choice. We’re here to educate and inform, and we encourage you to inspect the truck end to end, take it for a drive, load and lift containers, and even take it to a third party for inspection before you buy. We know the risks in buying something used, and we want to take as much of that risk out as possible, leaving you only with complete satisfaction.

Charter Trucks is led by an experienced team with more than 60 years of experience buying and selling used trucks. We understand that the trucking industry is the backbone of the country’s modern market economy, and we know that supporting that industry means having the right tools. We offer financing options and warranties on most of our trucks. If you have any questions, please call us at (707) 669-6202. Browse our current listings for day cab trucks and contact us if you’re interested in seeing one in person.