Crane Truck

2013 Kenworth T800 Kenworth

2013 Kenworth Crane Truck 3 axle T800

U12019: 2013 Kenworth T800 3 Axle Crane Truck – Why wait until tomorrow, when your knuckle-boom crane truck can be...
2014 Kenworth T800 Knuckle-Boom Crane For Sale With Cummins ISX Kenworth

2014 Kenworth 3 Axle Crane T800

U11998: 2014 Kenworth T800 Knuckle Boom Truck – When do you want your knuckle-boom truck to go to work? If...
2004 Peterbilt 357 3 Peterbilt

2004 Peterbilt Crane Truck 3 axle 357

U12014: 2004 Peterbilt 357 3 Axle Knuckle-Boom Crane Truck – U12014 is a California Classic based out of Santa Rosa...
2014 Kenworth T800 Palfinger Knuckle Boom Crane Truck For Sale Kenworth

2014 Kenworth Crane Truck 3 axle T800

U12001: 2014 Kenworth T800 Palfinger Knuckle Boom Crane Truck – This 2014 Kenworth T800 Palfinger Knuckle Boom Crane Truck aged...
2015 Peterbilt 365 Crane Truck Peterbilt

2015 Peterbilt Crane Truck 3 axle 365

u11909: 2015 Peterbilt 365 Crane Truck – This California 2015 Peterbilt 365 has a 30-ton Manitex crane with a 51′...

Crane trucks were invented out of necessity in late 1800’s. Crane were mounted on rail cars and barges but were still difficult to maneuver, today crane trucks come in a variety of different forms depending on the application. Some crane trucks are able to haul supplies to a job site on a flatbed while others have a fifth wheel and are able to hook up to a trailer. Smaller cranes are often mounted on service trucks, so mechanics can perform major repairs off site. Like most everything in the trucking world, the key to finding the correct crane is knowing the proper specifications for your business.

At Charter Trucks, we can help you find a crane truck that perfectly fits your needs. We offer two classes of reconditioning: Work Ready  and Value trucks. We want to help you make the right choice which is why we offer a wide variety of crane trucks for you to compare. We’re here to educate and inform, and we encourage you to inspect the truck end to end, take it for a drive, load it, and even take it to a third party for inspection before you buy. We know the risks in buying something used, and we want to take as much of that risk out as possible, leaving you only with complete satisfaction.

Charter Trucks is led by an experienced team with more than 60 years of experience buying and selling used trucks. We understand that the trucking industry is the backbone of the country’s modern market economy, and we know that supporting that industry means having the right tools. We offer financing options and warranties on most of our trucks. If you have any questions, please call us at (707) 669-6202. Browse our current listings for heavy duty crane trucks and contact us if you’re interested in seeing one in person