Flatbed Trailer

2007 Trail King TK70 Trail King

2007 Trail King Trailer TK70

u11912: 2007 Trail King TK70 Equipment Trailer – This 2007 Trail King TK70 Equipment trailer is versatile, safe and known...
2005 Landoll 930A Landoll

2005 Landoll Trailer 930A

u11913: 2005 Landoll 930A 2 Axle Beavertail – Quick, simple and safe, with a longer wheelbase that allows for a...
2008 Trail King TK70HT Trail King

2008 Trail King Trailer TK70HT

u11914: 2008 Trail King TK70HT 2 Axle Beavertail – This 2008 Trail King TK70HT is easy to operate, tough and...
Trail King

2008 Trail King Trailer TK70HT

u11916: 2008 Trail King Beavertail – California Trailer 48′ x 102″ Air Ride Suspension 9′ Top Deck 36″ Drop Height...
2014 Trail King TK80HT Trail King

2014 Trail King Trailer TK80HT

u11915: 2014 Trail King TK80HT 2 Axle Beavertail – The former rental is a rust free 2014 Trail King TK80HT...

2001 Benson Trailer Flat Bed

u11784: 2001 Benson Flatbed Trailer This 2001 Benson Flatbed Trailer with a spread axle and an air ride suspension is...

2000 Ravens Trailer Fleethawk

u11776: 2000 Ravens Flatbed Trailer – If you are fighting weight, want an air ride suspension and are on a...

Flatbed trailers feature no sides or top and are generally used for carrying large or bulk freight. These trailers can be more physically demanding and drivers are responsible for securing loads. Loads also have to be more closely monitored. However, flatbed trailers offer better pay for drivers and offer a wider range of opportunities. They are also easier to load and unload and maneuver when driving through tight spaces.

All our equipment is priced fairly based on condition and current market value.

At Charter Trucks, we’re dedicated to helping you find exactly the flatbed trailer you need. Our job is to present you with all the information and knowledge you need to make a decision on the best flatbed trailer for your business. We supply you with videos and pictures of each unit, and when you see any piece of equipment in person, we encourage you to take it for a ride, load it (if possible), and take it to a third party for inspection before you even make the purchase. We want to do everything we can to take the risk out of buying a pre-owned piece of equipment.

Our team has over 60 years of experience in the business of buying and selling used equipment. If you have questions or want to learn about warranties and financing options, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at  (707) 669-6202. Check out our current listings for flatbed trailers and contact us if you’ve found something you like.