Equipment Trailer

2014 Ledwell LW48HT2 48' Drop Deck Equipment Trailer I Charter Trucks Ledwell

2014 Ledwell Trailer LW48HT2-48-PB10

U12020: 2014 Ledwell LW48HT2-48-PB10 2 Axle Flatbed Trailer – This 2014 Ledwell LW48HT2 48′ Drop Deck Equipment Trailer was owned...

2016 Trailer Double Flat Bed

U12016: 2016 Western Double Flatbed Trailers – This clean set of 2016 Western Double Flatbed Trailers is $20,000 cheaper than...

Equipment trailers come in a variety of different sizes based on your budget and needs. They offer a broad range of uses though are generally used to haul light and heavy equipment.

All our trailers and trucks have been priced based on their condition and current market value.

Our job at Charter Trucks is to make the sale process as quick, efficient, and honest as possible. We’re here to give you all the information and help you need to make a decision that fits your budget and personal needs. We perform an inspection on each unit with you on the phone, and we supply videos and pictures. In person, we encourage you to take each unit for a ride, load it, and take it to a third party for inspection before you even purchase it.

Charter Trucks is supported by an intrepid team with over 60 years of service in the business of buying and selling equipment. If you have any questions or want to learn about financing options and warranties, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at  (707) 669-6202. Take a look at our current listings for equipment trailers and contact us if you think you’ve found a unit that fits your needs.