Dry Van Trailer

Dry van trailers are enclosed trailers that usually feature aluminum or wooden floors. Drivers of dry van trailers may be paid less, and the trailers themselves can be easily damaged during loading and unloading if you’re not careful. However, dry van trailers are versatile tools that can haul anything from non-perishable food to construction materials while protecting loads from inclement weather.

If you’re looking for pre-owned dry van trailers, Charter Trucks is here for you. We fairly price our equipment based on condition and current market value, regardless of how much we get out of it.

As a leader in the industry, our main goal is to provide quick, easy, and honest service. We lay all our cards out on the table, giving you detailed pictures and videos of each piece of equipment so that you can make an informed decision. We also encourage all our potential buyers who visit to inspect, drive, and load trucks and trailers before they even make the purchase. We want to take the risk out buying something pre-owned.

At Charter Trucks, we’re here to provide customer satisfaction and build long-lasting relationships with businesses. If you have questions about warranties or would like to learn about financing options, please call us at  (707) 669-6202. Browse our current selection of dry van trailers and let us know how we can help you choose the best piece of equipment.