Bottom Dump Trailer

A bottom dump AKA a belly dump has a clam shell drop gate that dumps material out of the bottom of a truck trailer. There are various types of bottom dump trailers depending on the application. The main advantage of a bottom dump trailer is the ability to drop product in a given area without leaving the cab as well as the ability to maneuver the dump truck forward and backward if necessary. The main disadvantage with bottom dumps is that they tend to jam more than regular dump trucks especially with coarse materials such as gravel or grain.

Charter Trucks is here to fulfill your heavy duty trucking needs with a variety of pre-owned bottom dump trailers.

Charter Trucks is here to make the process simple, proficient, and honest. As much as we want to sell you great equipment, we also want to educate and inform your decision so that you can truly find a dump truck or trailer that matches your needs and eliminate the risks that come with buying something used. We do this by providing detailed pictures and videos of each truck. Before you even buy any piece of equipment, we encourage you to drive it, load it, and even take it to a third party for inspection.

Charter Trucks is a leader in the industry backed by a knowledgeable, friendly team with over 60 years in the business. If you have questions about us, warranties, or financing options, please feel free to call us at (707) 669-6202.