5 Rules To Keeping Well: Advice From Surgeon General in 1942

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5 Rules to keeping well – From the More things changes, the more things stay the same department. We came across an old World War II era newspaper and right inside the first page was advice from Surgeon General Dr. Thomas Parron. Because of a shortage of doctors and nurses  keeping well during the war was a necessity.  Today, in the trucking industry, driver health is a major concern, yet after 1,000’s of studies and billions of dollars have things really changed that much?  You be the judge. If you want to ensure that you’re fit for the job, you must first you undergo tests such as those from the DOT physical exam locations in New York.

Here is Dr. Parron’s advice.

1. Eat right

Milk, butter, eggs, fish, meat, cheese, beans and peas, fruit, green leafy vegetables and the yellow ones, whole grain or enriched cereal, and bread – these are the key foods. Eat plenty of them. And eat 3 meals a day!

2. Get your rest

Regularity counts most. You can’t catch up on lost sleep or missed relaxation! Try to keep on a regular schedule every day. Take it easy for a little while after lunch and dinner. Go to bed on time, get up on time.

3. See your doctor once a year

You have your car checked and serviced every thousand miles. Do as much for your body. Physicians can prevent many diseases and illnesses for both children and grownups nowadays. Give your doctor a chance now, BEFORE you get sick. Go to see him!

4. Keep clean

Plenty of baths, lots of soap. Clean hands, clothes, houses, beds! Get fresh air, sunshine. Drink lots of water.

5. “Play” some each day

Romp with the family, visit with friends, take walks, play games – or do whatever you like to give your mind and body a change from the daily grind on the job. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

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